The bluestacks shared folder is valuable if you’re looking to copy large game files to your bluestacks app player. The folder was easily accessible in earlier versions of Bluestacks. However, it appears to have vanished in Bluestacks 4. Here’s how to access it.

Step 1: Open your windows file explorer and navigate to where your Operating system is installed. Windows is installed in drive C by default.

Bluestacks 4 shared folder windows c drive

Step 2: Access the view submenu by clicking on “view” in file explorer. Enable hidden items to reveal hidden folders.

shared folder reveal hidden folders

A folder named “Programdata” has just appeared. Open it.

Bluestacks 4 sharedfolder in program data

Step 3: On opening the “Programdata,” folder, you will find a folder labeled “Bluestacks.” Access it.

Bluestacks folder in program data

Next, proceed to open folders in the following path to locate the shared folder -> Engine > Userdata > SharedFolder

You just found your Bluestacks sharedfolder on windows. The complete file path is C>programdata>Bluestacks>engine>Userdata>sharedfolder .Any file you place inside this folder will be accessible in Bluestacks 4.

If you don’t know how to access the shared folder in Bluestacks 4 interface, use this tutorial ->How to access shared folder in Bluestacks 4

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