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If you’ve clicked on this blog post, you are probably looking for a good laptop to buy. And with that in mind, you’d like to know, “Are macbooks worth it?”

Because let’s face it! There are a whole lot of opinions about these laptops right now. And if you want to try a Macbook for the first time, all these opinions can be confusing, especially since these laptops can cost quite a dime.

Our article is an in-depth guide for anyone who’d like to know if any of the Macbook laptops in the market are suitable for their needs and budget.

What to expect from this article:

  • The benefits and limitations of buying a Macbook laptop
  • Are they Durable?
  • How do they perform?
  • Can you use a Macbook for gaming?
  • Who’s an ideal buyer?


Are Macbook Laptops Worth it? Our Opinion

Macbook laptops are one of the best business laptops we have in the market. Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptop models are high performance laptops that offer durability, a sleek design, a long life battery, and a stable operating system.

Over the years, people have had different opinions about Apple MacBooks. Some write off these laptops, and say:

“Macbooks are not worth the money, especially because you cannot game on them and they are not upgradable.”

– Reddit

We decided to do the research to find out what people thought about these laptops; So, we asked a few people on one of the forums on LinkedIn, whether they would buy a MacBook in 2023.

From our findings: 62% of the participants said that they would buy a MacBook laptop, while 35% would not buy it. The remaining 3% said that they would prefer other models.

The image below summarizes our findings.

Would You Buy a MacBook in 2023

Our recommended MacBook Laptops:

1. Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop – For Peak Performance

If you are looking for a MacBook that you can use for high intensive tasks such as video editing, running music production software, or photo editing, we’d recommend this to you.

Although a new laptop model in the market, people recommend it for being fast, having a 16-inch display with vivid colors for graphic design, an M2 Pro Chip, a 1080p HD camera, and up to 22 hours of battery life.

2. Apple 2023 MacBook Air Laptop – Portable

MacBook enthusiasts that want to prioritize portability, but still want a laptop that offers good performance, this is the laptop we can recommend to you. It has a thinner profile than most MacBook Pros to enhance portability.

The laptop comes in a 13-inch display or a 15-inch display. However, both have similar features, according to our analysis. 

Top features include an Apple M2 chip, an 8-core CPU, A 1080p camera, and up to 18 hours of battery life.

For more information on the MacBook AIr, here’s an introduction video from Apple.

Are Macbooks Worth it? Here Are the Benefits

From the findings above, one thing is evident: People love MacBooks. But Why?

It draws down to several reasons.

1. Performance

Macbook laptops are high performing laptops. One thing that brings us to this conclusion is that they use unique processors to Windows processors, often referred to as the Apple Silicon (which include the M1 and M2 processors). Initially, Macbook laptops used Intel processors, but Apple decided to create its own processors to match their software and hardware.

From the different reviews we read online, people applaud them for making new MacBook models more powerful and efficient than the initial models that used Intel processors. They are also smaller in size, which enhances portability.

Below is a screenshot we got from the Apple website on the features that the new M2 chips provide to the new Macbook Air devices.

M2 Chip

Experts also agree that Apple Silicons – make the macbook laptops more efficient than most Windows laptops.

In an article by the New York Times, the writer suggests that:

Apple has moved away from Intel CPUs to its own processors for MacBooks (or “Apple silicon”), and the result is better performance than most Windows laptops in some key ways. Apple’s processors have much better performance and faster integrated graphics

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2. A Stable Operating System

On top of performance, you get a stable OS when you buy any MacBook – or any other Apple computer.

But why is the MacOS stable?

Many people who have experience with this operating system claim that MacOS seems to be more stable than Windows OS. Programs run smoothly without crashing and it’s difficult for malware to access your MacBook since Apple restricts the software you can install in these computers.

This occurs due to the fact that MacOS is optimized to work with Apple products and hardware. Hence, MacOS is less likely to crash because both the software and hardware work together to provide a great user experience.

Note that most laptop brands use Windows OS, which makes it difficult for Microsoft to come up with an operating system that’s suitable for all these models. Hence, the OS is vulnerable to:

  • Regular crashes
  • Malware
  • Conflict with a Windows laptop’s hardware

3. Durability (esp in terms of design)

Are MacBooks Worth it? How long do they last?

Compared to most laptops, Macbooks tend to stand out when it comes to lasting longer.

Here’s an intro video of the MacBook Air 15” from Apple’s You Tube channel:

According to many Macbook users, you can expect these laptops to last approximately 7-8 years with proper use and care. They can get to 10+ years if you take good care of these laptops.

In fact, in one of the Apple forums, one participant suggested that they can last even up to 12 years. You can follow this conversation here.

This is due to the fact that Apple uses premium materials to design all its electrical components. So it’s difficult for them to degrade quickly, especially due to overheating.


  • You may need to replace a few things, such as the battery or any other faulty parts, but that doesn’t mean the laptop will be slower or fragile.
  • Also, any laptop can be fragile if you drop them. If you are not careful, it can damage the laptop

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4. Sleek Design

Apple’s foundational principle is design. When Steve Jobs created the company, his vision was to create computers that:

  • Were innovative
  • Had a unique design
  • Provided a great user experience (They are easy to use)

MacBooks are not exempted from these principles. Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have exceptional designs. For instance, these laptops have an aluminum cover, which doesn’t break or scratch easily.

It is no surprise that other companies such as HP, Microsoft, and ASUS try to incorporate similar designs on their notebooks. In an article on the Economic Times, here’s what they suggest:

Source: Economic Times

5. Good Battery Life

An important feature that most people consider when buying any laptop is the battery life.

MacBook use Lithium ion batteries, and according to our findings, these batteries have a longer lifetime than the batteries most Windows laptops. Experts attribute this to several hardware and software optimization reasons:

  1. Since MacOS is optimized for Apple hardware, the OS doesn’t need to consume a lot of battery charge to run
  2. The Apple Silicon is a low-power processor (btw Apple laptops are silent and they rarely overheat)
  3. LED backlight for the screen do not consume a lot of power
  4. MacBooks have a battery health management feature, which improves the lifespan of your battery

For instance, the new MacBook Air, can provide up to 18 hours of charge. That means you don’t need to carry a charger if you’ll be out for a day.

If you want to check the features of the MacBook Air 15” laptop, you can buy it from here.

You can also check the following screenshot summarizes the average battery life of different MacBook models.

Source: Mackeeper

6. Versatility

You can use any MacBook model for a variety of uses. Hence, the reason we refer to them as versatile.

For instance, the MacBook Pro is a popular contender for someone looking for a laptop they can use for programming. It has a powerful and stable OS and processor, efficient, offers enough storage and memory for the different software programmers use.

In our research, we discovered that programmers actually prefer Mac OS laptops than Windows because they crash less frequently, and are user-friendly.

On top of this: You can use the MacBook for:

  • Music production
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing
  • Engineering purposes

7. Syncing With Other Apple Products

Did you know you could sync all your Apple devices? For instance, if you want to copy your favorite movie from your iPhone to your MacBook, you don’t have to wait to get home to transfer the information, no!

You can simply sync the iPhone to your MacBook, and it will update the content on the laptop

This is an advantage over other products in the market because you don’t have to waste time copying documents or any other content from one Apple device to another (i.e. if you own several Apple products). Also, you can send information to and fro your MacBook even from miles away.

8. Great Support from Apple

One statement that Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple, used to say is:

You’ve got to start with Customer Experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.

Steve jobs

Here’s a video of him saying this:

Source: Apple Community

We can all agree one thing! Apple customer care is one of the best support teams in the world. Everyone talks about them!

Users even say that it’s one of the things that attracted them to buy Apple products after they had a bad experience with the other brands.

If you buy a MacBook, you can expect to get help on all hardware and software issues you may have, including the issues with the operating system.

Not Everyone Loves MacBooks – Why They Avoid Them

Although there is a huge number of people who love MacBooks, we can’t simply ignore some of the issues people who don’t love these laptops raise.

Please note: We are not talking about those people who will straight up pick issues such as cost. Basically, you can expect MacBooks to be expensive, based on the points we discussed above. Furthermore, there are more expensive laptops than MacBooks.

So, without being biased, a few limitations you can expect to get from a MacBook include:

1. Fewer Ports (Although this is changing)

One of the things people don’t like the Macbook for is the number of ports it offers.

To start with, MacBooks don’t have USB ports. They use USB-C ports for two specific reasons.

One, USB ports are slower. Two, incorporating USB ports into their laptops would mean that they would have to create a thicker laptop, which will go against their ultimate goal of creating portable and sleek laptops.

Ports you’ll find on the recent MacBook laptops are:

  • 1 SD card slot
  • 1 HDMI port
  • 3.5mm headphone port
  • 3 Thunderbolt (USB-C) ports

2. Not Good for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, the fight between Mac vs Windows comes into play.

So, is a MacBook worth it when it comes to gaming?

Well! If you want to use the MacBook for casual gaming, this would work, especially with the new MacBook Air 15″. The M2 chip and giant display make it ideal for such gamers.

For most competitive gamers, a Windows gaming laptop is the most ideal option. This is why!

Some gaming apps don’t have MacOS versions. A few gaming companies avoid MacOS because building a game that adapts to these laptops is quite expensive for them.

Another problem that gamers point out: The display is not as good as most gaming laptops would offer.

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3. Restricted Upgradability

Source Apple Community

Another thing limitation you might experience with a MacBook is upgradability. If you want to upgrade the RAM or storage, this is not possible on all MacBook laptops. Why?

  • They don’t use traditional RAM sticks
  • All components are soldered on the circuit board

So, as you buy a MacBook try to go for a model that meets all your needs from the word go. Otherwise, you might need to return the laptop and buy one that meets your needs.

The Ideal MacBook Buyer

So, who do we recommend a MacBook to?

MacBooks would be best for people who are looking for a business laptop. This include:

  • Music producers
  • Graphic designers
  • Video editors
  • Engineering students and professions
  • Business professionals

We can also recommend MacBooks for casual gamers. But you shouldn’t depend on it for gaming all the time because the battery doesn’t last long when gaming.

Sidenote: As you choose, consider your needs first. Otherwise, you might be taking home a laptop that doesn’t operate as you want it to.

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Macbook Pro vs Air: Which is Best?

Apple manufactures two distinct laptop lines: The MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Which one should you choose?

These two laptop models come in different sizes and specs. They have several similarities as well. For instance:

  • Both have sleek and thin designs
  • They use the same operating system
  • Both use the Apple Silicon (but different models)
  • Newer models offer up to 2TB of memory

See major differences between the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Air from the table below:

MacBook Pros (MBP)MacBook Air (MBA)
Performance Has better performanceLower performance than the MBP
Size & WeightHeavierLighter than MBP
Battery LifeMore battery lifeLower battery life to MBP
No. of PortsMore PortsFewer ports than the MBP
Screen ResolutionBetter screen resolutionNot as sharp as that of the MBP

In our opinion: The best option between the two will depend on how you intend to use the laptop and your budget.

If you are looking for a MacBook that offers peak performance when handling power intensive tasks such as video and photo editing or running music production software, MacBook Pro is probably the best option for you.

On the other hand, we would recommend the MacBook Air to someone who’s looking for a portable but affordable MacBook laptop for their daily activities such as school work, entertainment, etc.

Refurbished Macbooks vs New: Which One is Worth the Money?

Let’s say you are on a budget but you would like to get a MacBook laptop for less money. We would recommend buying a refurbished MacBook.

These are basically used laptops that customers return to the manufacturer, Apple, for one issue or another. Once returned, the company replaces old and faulty parts with new ones. Hence, they are as good as new. And sometimes, you might get an old model with upgraded components.

After the repair, Apple sells them at a lower price. If you need a refurbished MacBook model, you can buy them on Amazon via this link.

Please note: Buy refurbished MacBook from a verified Apple store.

Wrapping it Up: Are MacBooks Worth It?

I hope this answers the question: Are MacBooks Worth it? As you can see from this article, they definitely are! But before you buy any MacBook model, be sure to assess your budget and needs. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated by the laptop.

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