Will Artificial Intelligence replace Creatives in the future?

Artificial intelligence illustration

Strangely, I thought of China when everyone started talking about Chat-GPT.

I was like,

why do they have to keep spoiling everything for everyone?’

They come here with their SGR money, perfect eyes and straight hair. Their quick math. And even their engineering.

But I later discovered that Chat-GPT was made in the USA.

This is neither here nor there though.

But in case China is listening, we’ve got no beef. We greet you, fellow earthlings,

Nǐhǎo, my brothers and sistas… Sum ting wong? No.. wai yu so serious tho?”

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Beginner-Friendly Ways to Determine Important Social Media Metrics (With Examples)

Social Media Metrics

What are social media metrics?

Social media metrics is a set of data that helps you to determine the impact of your social media activities.

Businesses need to assess whether the resources they are investing in social media are bringing profits or losses.  Experts refer to these calculations as Return on Investment (ROI).

As a business owner, you need to diligently assemble and analyze this data.

Getting your head around social media metrics can be daunting at first (Photo: Pixabay)

The problem is that there is so much data that it might get overwhelming, especially for a beginner. You could also be swamped with other business operations, especially for start-ups that cannot afford to hire more employees.

But there is an easy way to understand this.  

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