We recently looked at how to create landscapes with the blender GIS addon. The tool helped us to fetch real world data from GIS databases and design decent georeferenced landscapes like a dream.

However, it came with few bugs which, thankfully, aren’t too complicated to crack. The first one is a missing cache folder while the second has to do with missing Imageio library.

Blender GIS missing cache folder

The missing cache error appears when you try to get your basemaps. Technically, this is the software telling you to set a file location for packing temporary files.

Blender GIS Cache folder missing

To solve it, head over to the Blender GIS icon and select preferences. Scroll down to the base maps section and select the folder you want to use as your cache.

Blender GIS Imageio module/ no imaging library available

The imageio module error shows up because some installation files are missing from the addon directory. I solved this problem by replacing files in that directory.

Blender GIS Addon imaging library Error

Begin by unzipping the archived addon files that you downloaded from Github. Then copy and paste them in the Blender-Master addon folder.

In windows 10, the Blender-Master addon folder path is C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender 2.83\2.83\scripts\addons.

You may have to create the folder yourself if it does not exist. If it exists, just replace the installation files to fix the problem.

Use the comments section in case of any tips or questions.

Good luck!

Author: Victor WachangaWriter, 3D artist, and thinker. Tech is fascinating. Tech is scary

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  1. I have blender version 3.4.1 and the link still does’t work. I have tried several different ideas suggested by other websites but the error continues. I’m stuck! 🙁

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