As one of the very few android emulators that boast a large user base, Bluestacks retains its respect through regular updates and fixes. Most updates are dedicated to improving the engine itself. However, Bluestacks updates occasionally come with minor UI changes, like the recent UI change in Bluestacks 4.

It’s not such a big one, but it shifts how you access your apps, the media manager, and game center. Formerly, installed apps appeared immediately in the home tab, but now, they are located in a tab labeled “my games,” which is next to the game center tab. Both tabs are set within the home tab itself.

Bluestacks UI

In previous versions of Bluestacks 4, the system apps, which include Android settings and Media Manager, were situated at the bottom of the UI in a container branded “more apps.” But now it looks like we are going back to how things used to be in Bluestacks 3.

Bluestacks UI
How it used to be in earlier Bluestacks 4 versions

In the most recent Bluestacks version, the “more apps” container has disappeared from the bottom of the UI. The system apps have shifted to a container named “system apps” alongside other installed apps in the “my games” tab.

Bluestacks 4 Ui Changes

So if you’re looking to copy files between your emulator and PC, you may have to change how you retrieve the Media manager.

Bluestacks 4.215.0 media manager

The new way seems more straightforward and less confusing than the earlier one.

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