Microsoft Surface Family
The Microsoft Surface Family (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft will hold a hardware event in New York City starting from 4pm ET on October 2nd, a week prior to Google’s event and just one month after Apple’s event, which is happening today.

Although the Redmond giant hasn’t confirmed any devices that are up for launch, various sources point toward a few likely expectations. Plus, we already knew that Microsoft was planning to hold a hardware event, perfectly timed for the holiday shopping season.

What to expect

An upgrade of Surface products is certainly probable given that current generation devices have seen generous discounts in the recent week and some of them are already old by today’s standards. A case in point, the Surface Studio is nearly close to two years old now, and it would be good to see better chips, faster USB ports, and SSD storage.

Surface Studio
Microsoft Surface Studio (Source: Microsoft)

After the launch of the Surface Go in August, Microsoft teased an LTE version that would come out later this year. It makes sense for the tech giant to uncover the LTE version in the upcoming event now that initial reviews have glorified the first device.

When asked about the evolution of the Surface hardware via Wired Gadget Lab Podcast, Surface Chief Panos Panay said that there would be a huge evolution in communication and utility. So we can expect new form factors driven by advancements in how people want to communicate in the near future.  A much-rumored likely addition is a foldable tablet codenamed Andromeda.

In the last two Microsoft events held in New York, Microsoft launched new surface devices, namely the surface laptop and the Surface Studio. Therefore, new additions to the Surface family are likely in the upcoming event. Besides, it wouldn’t hold up for the tech giant to hype up the media event without a major hardware unveiling.

A recent reply to a Reddit post indicated that personnel had been banned from the surface hardware building. The last time this happened was just before the launch of the Surface Studio. Something could be definitely in the works.

Although rumors suggest that the Surface Pro 6 won’t be out till 2019, Microsoft may reveal more about the supposed device. Same case for the surface Hub 2 which is slated for a 2019 release.

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