I recently switched to Blender 2.91 and found myself installing Blender Master GIS Addon once again.

For those who don’t know, this addon is an effective tool for creating 3D landscapes based on existing geographical datasets (Google Maps, SRTM, etc).

Amazingly, this time, the Addon displays no errors. As you can recall from our previous article, the addon presented some problems with the Imageio module and the cache folder.

All problems seem to have been fixed by the developer. The cache folder is now automatically set and there are no more error dialogues appearing when fetching the base map.

Blender GIS Cache Folder

The installation was smooth and I encountered no hitches. All you have to do is enable the addon from the preferences section and you’ll be good to go.

Blender GIS in Blender 2.91

If you had installed the previous version of the addon, you may find yourself resetting the location for the cache folder each time you open Blender. To circumvent that hassle, you might want to get the new version from Github.

Blender GIS Cache Folder
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