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If you are in the market for a new gaming laptop, you’re probably wondering, ‘How long does a gaming laptop last?’

For a first-time buyer, it can be difficult to make a decision on whether to buy or not to buy, especially since you are about to make a significant investment to buy one.

Our article provides an in-depth answer to this question. We’ll also discuss what can make a gaming laptop to not last longer and what gamers do to increase durability.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

How Long a Gaming Laptop lasts

The answer to this question: A good gaming laptops that you use for casual gaming & other uses (such as programming and video editing) might last 5 years (or even more) with proper care, while those used for intense gaming every day can last for 3-5 years depending on the quality of components used to manufacture the device.

For the battery: Most gaming laptop batteries can last for about 2 years. This is because you’ll need to use your laptop while plugged in all the time.

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In most cases, you might need to find a new gaming laptop because of two main reasons:

1. Gaming laptops components degrade over time

The GPU, processor, RAM, and the laptop battery are responsible for providing a quality gaming experience. If you use your gaming laptop to play games that demand a lot from these components on a daily basis, these components will begin to degrade over time because they do heat up.

Although, finding a replacement would be an ideal solution for faulty components such as the RAM and the laptop battery, in some instances, this might be possible since most of these components are glued to the motherboard. So, it’d make sense if you could invest in a laptop.

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2. It becomes outdated since Improved game versions may require better components

Modern games require high quality components. For instance, I’m a big fan of FIFA. I was happy that I could use laptop with a i3 processor and a 2gb RAM to play FIFA 14, and previous versions.

However, when the FIFA 15 came, I had to look to a better laptop because the game required a laptop with an i5 processor and a 4GB RAM.

This is the reason why gamers give their laptops a 5-year limit because they understand that most games will require an upgrade, otherwise, they won’t be able to play their favorite games. Hence, buying a new laptop makes perfect sense.

What Determines How Long a Gaming Laptop Lasts?

What Determines a Laptop's Durability

1. How you intend to use the laptop

If your main goal is to use the gaming laptop to just play games that don’t require a lot of power from your laptop’s components, you’ll probably use your laptop for a very long time.

On the other hand, if your main agenda is to use the gaming laptop to play games on a competitive level (which require you to use the highest settings), you might need to find a replacement after a few years.

Components such as the laptop battery begin to degrade. It may not be able to keep a charge for a long time since most gamers play with their laptop plugged in all the time to increase the laptop’s performance.

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Also, since you’ll be using the laptop using high settings to gain a competitive advantage, some of the laptop components may begin to heat up on a constant basis to keep up with the power demands. Eventually, causing them to degrade over time.

2. The quality of components used

One thing that distinguishes gaming laptops to normal ones is the quality of components. Manufacturers normally use high quality screens, Graphic Processing Units (GPUs), Central Processing Units (CPUs), and a good amount of memory (RAMs) to provide a quality gaming experience.

However, this doesn’t mean that all gaming laptops have the same type of components – not necessarily. High-end gaming laptops with a higher price point ($1200 or higher) will have better components than those that you can get on a budget (below $1200) to match the demands of gaming and other software.

This means that high-end devices will last longer (5 years plus) than mid-range options (can last 3-5 years) because of difference in quality.

3. How you maintain your laptop

Primarily, how you maintain a gaming laptop determines durability. For instance, let’s say your laptop starts to overheat during gaming. What do you do?

The best decision is to stop playing for a some time to give the laptop time to cool down. Because remember, gaming laptops don’t have an efficient cooling system as that of a gaming PCs.

How to Make Your Gaming Laptop Last Longer

So how do you ensure that your laptop lasts longer?

This draws down to how well you take care of it. Here are a few things you can do to ensure this happens.

1. Perform Regular software updates

If you want a smooth gaming experience, you better do this on a regular basis. First, ensure that the OS you are using is the latest version to prevent bugs and security holes.

Other reasons why updating your software could increase durability:

  • You minimize lags and crashes when gaming since it improves your laptop’s performance
  • You add new features and remove outdated ones
  • Patches up security flaws and issues

2. Don’t allow the laptop to overheat

Gaming laptops do overheat during gaming or performing other power intensive tasks such as video rendering or graphic design. Usually, laptops can handle temperatures of up to 850C. At this temperature, nothing will happen to any of its components, including the motherboard.

However, temperatures above this can be distractive, causing damage to the motherboard. So, when it overheats, the laptops might:

  • Become slow
  • The fans becomes louder
  • Shut down or restart
  • Show an error

At this moment, it’s best to stop gaming to allow the laptop to cool down.

Some of the things you can do to prevent heating:

  • Use a laptop stand to allow air flow beneath the laptop when gaming
  • Clean any dust build up around the fans
  • You can also buy a cooling pad, especially if you’re using the laptop for intensive gaming
  • Reduce the game settings to a lower one to allow the cooling process to take place
  • Close any unnecessary browsing tabs when gaming, etc

3. Re-apply thermal pastes

During gaming, your laptop will overheat quickly. Which is why it’s recommended that you apply a thermal paste on the CPU.

According to Wikipedia, a Thermal paste:

The main role of thermal paste is to eliminate air gaps or spaces (which act as thermal insulation) from the interface area in order to maximize heat transfer and dissipation. Thermal paste is an example of a thermal interface material.

If you’re a heavy gamer, you’d need to re-apply a thermal paste every 2 years to keep the processor in good shape.

For more information on a thermal paste, we found this video to be helpful.

Here’s a reputable thermal paste you can buy on Amazon.

4. Upgrade hardware

Apart from updating your software, you need to also update the hardware. Of course, there are certain hardware components that you cannot replace, such as the GPU or the processor.

But there are parts you can upgrade. For instance, you can upgrade the laptop’s RAM or SSD. This improves the laptop’s performance and response rate while playing your favorite games.

5. Clean the laptop regularly

Another thing you need to do to keep your gaming laptop’s performance is to clean it regularly. Dust and debris can clog up on the screen, keyboard, touchpads, and the internal components.

HP, a popular computer manufacturer, insists that regular cleaning keeps your laptops from germs (which can cause illnesses with excessive exposure). They also suggest that you should clean the laptop every 3-6 months.

To keep your computer sanitary and free of germs, follow a proper maintenance and cleaning schedule of every three to six months. If you notice lots of dust following cleanup, you may want to increase the frequency to reduce the dust and debris buildup.

To clean your laptop:

  • Don’t use water
  • You can use a microfiber cloth, cotton swab, dipped into alcohol to clean dust and stains

Wrapping it Up : How Long Does a Gaming Laptop Last?

That’s it, from us today. We hope the article answers the question how long does a gaming laptop last thoroughly.

Remember: a good gaming laptop can last up to 5 years but you can increase its lifespan with proper use and maintenance. So, don’t worry about investing on a new gaming laptop.

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