One challenge with android emulators like bluestacks is that copying files between your PC and virtual android environment is not always straightforward. Here is a short guide on how to import or export files from Bluestacks 4 to your laptop.

Step 1: Access the Media Manager

Access the media manager by tapping the “more apps” icon at the bottom of your Blustacks 4 Home screen, or clicking the “system apps” icon.

bluestacks 4 media manager
In latter versions of Bluestacks, the media manager may be located in the system files folder. Please check this link.

Step 2: Select the “Import From Windows” option to import files to Bluestacks. Select the “Export to Windows” option to export files to your PC.

Media Manager

Step 3A: Select the file you want to import from your PC and click open.

Importing files

Step 3B:  Select the file you want to export from Bluestacks 4. Next, select the “Export to windows” option and choose the preferred destination folder on your PC.

Exporting Files
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