Blender GIS has been the go-to solution for many 3D artists who want to visualize 3D terrain or make 3D maps. However, there is a fare share of issues that plague creators when installing this addon.

We looked at how to solve some of those issues in a previous post. Specifically, we looked at how to get around the “invalid cache folder” and missing “imageio module” errors. Unfortunately some people are still encountering issues, based on the ever-expanding comment section on that post.

Now I recently discovered that installing the latest GIS addon on the latest Blender version doesn’t lead to any error. I’m talking about Blender version 3.6.4, which you can download through the official blender website.

After downloading and installing blender, now head over to Github and download the GIS addon. Once there, click the code button and download the zip file. Save it in a folder you can access later.

Blender GIS screenshot

Next, open blender and access the menu. On the edit drop-down menu, select preferences.

On the preferences menu, click addons. An option to install an addon will show up. Select it.

Now locate the folder where you saved your GIS addon zip file and click install.

The last step is to activate the addon.

After activating the addon, it will appear in your viewport menu. You’re now ready to go!

If you need help creating your first 3D map project, check our previous article here.

Drop any suggestion or question in the comments section. Good luck!

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