If you’ve been roaming on the web looking for a decent Bluestacks alternative, you might want to check out LDPlayer. This free emulator runs android games on PC without eating too much of your resources.

I’ve been using LDPlayer to play mobile games on my PC for the past month, and it’s been nothing short of impressive.

PuBG Mobile on LD player

I was led to install the emulator after encountering numerous issues with Bluestacks.

On many occasions, the Bluestacks engine failed to start, and it often left me stuck on the starting page. Sometimes it crashed and left me staring at a log file. These errors are not strange to Bluestacks users, and you can tell from the many complaints and bad reviews that have been posted on online forums.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not badmouthing Bluestacks. I have been a loyal user for over three years now. It’s still an excellent solution for people who want to play mobile games on a PC. However, it is sensible to try an alternative emulator if you are having trouble. And it was, sort of, an adventure for me.

When I first came across LD player, I had my doubts. The emulator’s landing page was obviously plastered with praises, but I had to see it for myself.

Downloading LDplayer

LDPlayer Vs. Bluestacks: A Brief comparison

After installing the emulator, the first thing I noticed was how similar the UI was to that of Bluestacks. There were some obvious differences in how everything was laid out, but those were minor and didn’t seem to drench the comparisons.

Like Bluestacks, LDPlayer has minimal ‘junk’ on the UI. Everything is clean, and you have a clear view of the navigation controls.

LD Player home screen

On both emulators, the toolbar is located on the right side and has the key tools you need to play games on a PC. You’ve got access to keyboard mapping, volume, screen rotation, and vibration controls, in addition to other secondary tools.

You also have the “app switch,” “home,” and “back” buttons displayed on the toolbar.

Again, just like in Bluestacks, all system apps are bundled in a single icon on home screen.

Bluestacks UI
System apps are bundled within a single icon in Bluestacks

There are more similarities:

  1. The latest versions of LDPlayer and Bluestacks run Android 7 Nougat
  2. Both emulators have gamepad support
  3. Both emulators allow you to tweak your graphics settings
War robot screenshot

Basically, both LDPlayer and Bluestacks serve the same purpose. They let you install and play android apps in the PC ecosystem. They also allow you to do a couple of things, such as customizing your virtual device and copying files between your PC and the emulator.

Performance and errors

In my experience, LDPlayer offers excellent performance and has fewer errors.

For testing, I used a Dell T1600 workstation with an Nvidia Quadro k620 graphics card. You may get a different experience based on your PC specifications.

 LD Player error alert

Remember, you need a sizable amount of memory to run games on an emulator. A minimum of 8GB is recommended. A multi-core processor will also deliver better performance than a single core CPU.


Certainly, no emulator is perfect. Every app has its limitations. Still, LDPlayer makes a good replacement for Bluestacks. Try it!

Author: Victor WachangaWriter, 3D artist, and thinker. Tech is fascinating. Tech is scary

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