Memu Play and Bluestacks 4 are some of the best free emulators for playing android games on laptops. Both emulators come with a long list of features, including full-fledged key mapping tools for setting game controls, personalized graphics settings, and a working file manager.

I thought it might be good to look at the file manager specifically, because of the value it brings to every android user. A file manager helps you manage files on your android emulator in the same way it does on your phone.

The File manager is very convenient when importing media and documents in the emulator. I can’t amplify the value of a file manager for those who want to copy large OBB files during game installations.

File Manager

Both Memu and Bluestacks have their own file managers, but you can install yours through the Play Store.

Bluestack’s in-built File manager is fairly advanced. It allows you to locate, preview, and share files. You can use it to find folders in the file storage. There’s also a function for importing and exporting files between the emulator and computer.

bluestacks 4 file manager

MEmu Play gives you paths to folders and files, but preview capabilities are quite limited. Still, you can add shortcuts, sort, rename, and open files with other apps.

Memu Play File Manager

Just as in Bluestacks, the number of actions you can perform in Memu depends on the type of file you’re dealing with. Media files can be shared over apps like Whatsapp or played as long as you have the right app installed.

Memu Play File Manager File actions

Both Memu Play and Bluestacks 4  give users access to folders like android, data, DCIM, and the precious Shared Folder.

Shared Folder

The shared folder is used by your emulator to access files on your local machine (PC or Mac). Therefore, its very handy when importing files from your laptop to your virtual android device.

Any file manipulation you make in the shared folder is mirrored across your computer and emulator, meaning you can simply drop files in this folder on Windows and retrieve them immediately using the emulator’s file manager.

Apparently, Memu Play gives a great deal of attention to the shared folder than Bluestacks does.

Unlike Bluestacks, Memu Play has conveniently placed a shortcut to the shared folder on the sidebar tool. You also have access to shortcuts and file paths so it’s easy to find the folder on Windows or Mac, as well as on your emulator.

Memu Play shared folder

To access the shared folder on Bluestacks, you need to follow specific file paths. Use this short guide to access the shared folder on Bluestacks 4 or this one to access it on windows.

In closing

Bluestacks 4 and Memu Play provide a fair share of useful file management features. Bluestacks’ file manager is more progressive because of its ability to manage file-sharing between the emulator and your Operating System. In contrast, Memu Play gives easier access to the shared folder than Bluestacks.

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