The Xbox Games Showcase is one of the main events that Xbox gaming diehards were waiting for this year, and that’s obviously because everyone was looking forward to knowing where Microsoft was heading with its gaming platform. Well, it seems that the company wanted to continue spicing up things to enhance its relevance in the gaming space.

In the recent Games showcase, Microsoft launched a sparkly new Xbox and announced that it was bringing PC Game Pass titles to NVIDIA GeForce Now. This means that Xbox gamers will play select PC games using low-spec machines like Chromebooks, TVs, and mobile devices, among others.

The newly launched Xbox goes by the name Porsche Xbox Series and has its own custom-themed controller. This Xbox version is a product of the partnership between Microsoft and Porche, which has just marked its 75th year in operation. But why does it look like that? Everyone would be tempted to ask that question. The design is inspired by six famed Porche race cars.

Photo: Microsoft

It does certainly look odd at first glance, but if you’re fan of this luxury German car brand, you’ll certainly find some sentimental value.

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