One reason Minecraft is adored by many is the unparalleled degree of freedom it gives players. Not only can you come up with your own rules; you can also customize the aesthetics of the game to your liking, thanks to Minecraft skins.

Minecraft skins allow you to modify how your character looks in the Minecraft world. This opens unlimited possibilities if you want a personalized profile that suits your most genuine gaming fantasies.

Typical Minecraft skins adopt themes of fancied characters like Dead pool, Ironman, Harry Porter, Super Sayian Goku, and Sea Green Dragon Girl. You can play the role of just about any character that has ever existed in history. If you want to appear like Spiderman to your Minecraft buddies, all you need to do is download a Spiderman Minecraft skin and add it to your game.

So where can you download Minecraft skins for free? There are tons of rich online catalogs with unending Minecraft skin variations to choose from. Here are some of the most popular.

1. Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft is a community of 2.5 million Minecraft enthusiasts who relate by sharing tips, projects, and skins. To date, the site records over 2 million submissions and 1.2 million of these are Minecraft skins.


MPEDL is an archive of mods, maps, texture packs and skins for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

MPEDL minecraft skins

The MPEDL Skins page is packed with lots of skin themes ranging from anime to sports, memes, military, and even other games like super smash bros, GTA, Zelda, and Attack on Titan. Just head over there to discover what skin fits you best.

3. NameMC

NameMc is a database of Minecraft names that also happens to host loads of skins. Here you can find over 10,000 Minecraft skins for girls and 6,500 Minecraft skins for boys. screenshot

The site has dozens of categories from which you can cherry-pick. Whether you want anime, Pokémon, or medieval style, there are no boundaries.


Another online folder of high quality Minecraft skins you can bank on, is a growing library of Minecraft resources where you can hunt for your favorite skins. Some cool skins I found on the site were PewDiePie, Thanos, Vindicator, Bob Ross, Bengal Tiger, Bigfoot, Hawkeye, and Watermelon.

5. Nova Skin

Nova Skin is loaded with Minecraft skins of all kinds. But what makes it even more useful is the ability to install skins directly to your game.

Nova Minecraft Skins

An added bonus is you can create and edit skins and other Minecraft resources using Nova Skin’s Minecraft resource pack creator.  

If you haven’t found a skin that resonates with you, don’t fuss. You can make your own Minecraft skins using free Minecraft Skin Makers like Minecraft skin editor – an online tool that lets you create Minecraft skins from scratch. Other skin makers include Nova skin online editor,, Minecraft Skin Creator 3D for iOS, and Minecraft Skin Editor for Android.

Author: Victor Wachanga

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