When I first bumped into MSI App Player, I thought I had discovered another refined android emulator. But my expectations went to waste as soon as I started installing the app. From the installation wizard, I could tell that it was just but a re-themed adaptation of Bluestacks.

MSI app player installation wizard
The installation wizard shows the emulator is copyrighted under Bluestacks Systems Inc.

Based on MSI’s lofty reputation in gaming, I was disappointed. I had hoped for a uniquely tailored emulator from a gamer-centric company; possibly one that would offer different experiences and bring diversity to the world of free android emulators.

I have since learned that MSI forged its emulator through some kind of partnership with Bluestacks. So my intention is not to discredit this prizewinning laptop maker.

Instead, this article will review MSI App Player and compare it with its duplicate cousin – Bluestacks 4. How do these two emulators stack up in terms of features?

The similarity between MSI’s android emulator and Bluestacks 4 goes beyond the layout.  General functions like media management, key mapping, streaming, and settings are utterly comparable.

The resemblance begins to show at the start-screen. Were it not for the altered logos and startup messages, you could easily mistake MSI App Player for a modified version of Bluestacks, which is technically what it is.

MSI App Player Vs Bluestacks 4 Start Screen
Start up screens reveal how closely similar MSI’s emulator and Bluestacks 4 are.

From there on, it is easier to describe the differences than the parallels.

At the home screen, only the background and the themes seem to set the two emulators apart. MSI App Player has included a quick launch icon in the bottom icon bar, but I haven’t figured out how it works to this point. I can’t get any response on clicking it.

Msi App Player Vs Bluestacks home

Everything from the layout to the sidebar is duplicated. The only difference is, MSI App Player slots in MSI’s products in the ‘Discover Apps’ panel. That’s the same space where Bluestacks advertises and recommends games. You’ll also find MSI merchandise paraded in the app center.

MSI App Player Vs Bluestacks 4 App Center

It’s not hard to see how MSI is reaping out of it’s collaboration with Bluestacks. By displaying ads in the emulator ecosystem, the company is increasing the chances of making sales in the long run. The fact that emulators are mostly used for gaming makes it more worthwhile.

Enter the settings panel and you’ll notice how far the similarity between Bluestacks and MSI’s emulator goes.

MSI App Player Vs Bluestacks 4 settings

MSI App Player is nothing more than a repackaged version of Bluestacks 4.

Author: Victor WachangaWriter, 3D artist, and thinker. Tech is fascinating. Tech is scary

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  1. Yeah it is a repackage version of BlueStacks but not BlueStacks 4. MSi BlueStacks is good but not as good as if you go download BlueStacks 4 . It’s much faster and better.

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