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Microsoft will release the new version of Edge browser for public preview in a couple of weeks. But for die-hard fans who can’t wait to have a quick peek, a number of minor specs have slipped through the cracks.

The new chromium powered Edge is part of Microsoft’s campaign to improve compatibility and preserve market share as the older Edge version has been falling immensely behind Chrome because of Google’s relentless efforts to improve and customize its cross-platform browser .

Many businesses had voiced their wishes, requesting Microsoft to support a modern Edge browser across all windows platforms instead of just Windows 10. Businesses that run windows 7 on their machines were among those that were largely left out, but now they have a reason to celebrate since the company is bringing Edge to all supported operating systems.

And finally, Edge is coming to the Mac. This will come in handy for web developers who had a hard time testing Microsoft’s web rendering engine on Macs.

Here is a list of the specs we got our hands on.


  • Ability to import passwords, favorites, and browsing history.
  • Customizable default page style.
  • Support for extensions, including sync support, and compatibility with “existing Chrome extensions.”
  • 4k streaming

Full specs remain largely unknown, but the browser looks like Chrome to a degree. Check out the hands-on video by Window’s Central below.

Visit Microsoft’s page on Github for more info about it’s participation in the chromium project.

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