Despite promising the user the revolutionary USB-C port, the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B failed to honor its promise to some users. Those who had thought their e-marked USB-C cables would power the device were disappointed.

It turned out that e-marked chargers were not compatible. The problem was attributed to the faulty configuration of a cc pull-down resistor on the device’s motherboard. 

Tinkerers with e-marked cables were forced to resort to three options: non-e-marked cables, the official Raspberry Pi power supply, or chargers capable of delivering 5.1 volts and 3 amperes.

The next problem with the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B isn’t much of a big deal because it’s more connected to the user’s requirements than the device’s function. As you might remember, the fourth edition of the Pi came in three RAM variants. The lower-end 1 GB model hasn’t been very sufficient for serious tinkerers. In fact, back at the Raspberry Foundation, the 1GB and 2GB models aren’t selling quite as much as the 4GB model.

The Foundation has responded to the two issues in a very silent fashion.

Raspberry Pi 4 USB – C Power delivery fixed

Back in December, reports surfaced on the official raspberry pi forum claiming that some Pi 4 models were working perfectly with e-marked USB-C cables.

CEO of Raspberry Pi Eben Upton has confirmed the reports through The Register, saying the fix had been rolled out in new Pi PCBs.

So future buyers should not have to worry about the USB-C power delivery snag as reported earlier.

Still, you can’t be sure you’re going to chance upon the updated version. Vendors with fully stocked shelves could still be selling the ‘defective’ model.

Users that bought the faulty version have nothing but the formerly suggested workarounds within their reach at this point in time. Though, frankly, the power snag is quite trivial.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B RAM Upgrade

As the Raspberry Pi turns 8 years old today, the founders have decided to slash the price of the 2GB RAM variant, meaning there’s no need to buy the 1GB model for the same price.

Raspberry foundation reduces price of the Raspberry Pi 4 model B
(Image Credit: The Raspberry Foundation)

The price cut automatically outmodes the 1GB version.

It also shows the Raspberry Pi is evolving with the times to please the user. RAM is a critical feature for super users, especially those who want to build desktops with high res displays and gamers who want to put together reliable game servers.

In any case, the Raspberry Pi is more powerful than it has ever been. This credit-sized computer retains the crown of the most preferred single-board computer, with more than 30 million units sold so far.

Author: Victor Wachanga

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