With a thickness of just 14.9mm, the new Legion Y740s takes the crown of the slimmest gaming laptop in Lenovo’s notebook lineup to date. It’s also one of the lightest gaming laptops we have around, weighing in at just 1.9 Kgs (4.18 pounds).

Seems like a massive feat of engineering as far as portability is concerned. Gaming laptops have not always been movable because of their somewhat bulky form factors. However, we’re starting to see some change as laptop manufacturers continue to switch to compact components like SSDs and NVidia Max Q graphics cards.

Lenovo Legion Y740s
Lenovo Legion Y740s (Image:Lenovo)

Indeed, under the Aluminum hood of the maxed-out Lenovo Legion Y740s sits a 1TB SSD (you have the option of scaling down to 512GB or 256GB) and a 10th-gen Intel Core i9 H-series processor. This CPU is part of Intel’s 10th Gen H-series, which is specially designed to power the next generation of ultra-portable gaming notebooks, at estimated peak speeds of up to 5GHz. You can expect terrific performance once this computing muscle is paired with Y740s’ 16GB or 32GB DDR4 memory options.

An unforeseen surprise with Legion Y740s is, it does away with a discrete GPU altogether, and instead, banks on integrated graphics embedded in the processor. The latest generation of integrated graphics might be good for entry-level gaming and basic graphics tasks, but for gamers who want to push this revolutionary laptop to its limits, Lenovo has included support for eGPU.

Possibly that could make your wallet frown, but on the flip side, it opens boundless opportunities for customization. You can use any eGPU to turn the Legion Y740s into a serious gaming laptop or even a VR-ready rig, as long your choice supports Thunderbolt 3 interface.

Lenovo is touting its own Legion BoostStation eGPU ($249.99). The enclosure comes with a pair of USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, a Thunderbolt 3 port, a USB 2.0 port, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, and an AC power port. It also works with a wide range of AMD and NVidia graphics cards. The company may bundle the BootStation with RTX Super series or AMD’s 7nm-Navi line of cards.

Legion BoostStation
Legion BoostStation (Image: Lenovo)

For the display, you have the option of a full HD 15.6-inch IPS panel at 300 nits or a 15.6-inch UHD IPS screen at 600 nits. Both display options run at 60Hz, which is satisfactory for mainstream gaming.

Other gaming additions include a backlit keyboard, a 2 x 2W Dolby Atmos® Speaker System, and a headphone jack port.

Whether the Lenovo Legion Y740s is a gaming laptop is up for debate. Either way, we can’t deny the upgradability advantage. One unsettling issue with gaming laptops is that GPUs aren’t always upgradable. The Legion Y740s saves the day, but at an extra cost.

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