Bluestacks is still one of the best free Android emulators on the internet today. Its comfortable user interface allows you to install and play android applications on your laptop or PC seamlessly.

However, if you have not fully mastered Bluestacks’ features, it can be quite frustrating when attempting to copy files between your laptop and virtual Android device. Here is a short guide to help you out.

Step 1: Open your Bluestacks App player and click/tap the systems app

Step 2: Access the Media Manager

If you’re using latter versions of bluestacks 4, access the media manager by tapping the “more apps” icon at the bottom of your “Home” tab

bluestacks 4 media manager

or head over to the “systems Apps” in the most recent Bluestacks 4 version.

Bluestacks 4.215.0 media manager

Step 3: If you want to import files, select the “Import From Windows” option. If looking to export files to your laptop or PC, select the “Export to Windows” option.

Step 4 A: Select the file you want to import from your laptop / PC and click/tap open

Step 4 B:  Select (tap/click and hold) the file you want to export from your virtual Android device. Next, select the “Export to windows” option and choose the preferred destination folder on your laptop / PC.

Comment with any questions related to this subject below. Cheers.

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37 thoughts on “How to transfer files between Bluestacks 5 and laptop, PC”

    1. May 10, 2019 at 7:29 pm Edit
      There are four tabs on your upper left

      1. My apps
      2. App center
      3. Help Center
      4. Pika World

      Make sure you are on “my apps” tab. Please let me know if this helps

        1. Confirm that you are using Bluestacks version 4. If you’re are using newer versions (4.40 and above), use the icon at the bottom labelled “more apps” to find the media manager.

    1. just convert the folder into zip through any file manger which can convert folder into zip(you have to download any file manger from playstore)then you can export the zipped folder through bluestack .zipped folder can be easily exported to windows .

    1. it´s hidden in version 4.40 and above. Last icon on the very bottom that says “more apps” – “media manager”

  1. i cannot transfer some files. it says not supported. is there a way to transfer files which are not supported? Thanks

  2. I am not able to export files to windows. I am trying to export a media file, it gives an error “cannot copy files”

    1. I had the same problem sometime back. Please try to update to the latest version and try again. Check the file extension of your movie file. Some file extensions may not be supported.

  3. How do I choose which folder to import into the media manager? I need to import a game data into a specified folder in one of the android/data folder.

    1. First, import the file you want using the media manager, then use a file manager such as Es File explorer to copy your files from the shared folder to the desired folder.

      1. Thank you for the reply, but I have seemed to face another problem. When I try to use the file explorer downloaded from the google app store, I cannot locate windows/BstSharedFolder nor the import folder. The windows/BstSharedFolder still exists when I open the Explore folder from BlueStacks Media Manager, but it is replaced by a file named windows with ‘file’ file format that I would think should refer to the inaccessible windows folder.

        Also, I noticed that the Android folder is empty when I access it from the file explorer downloaded from the google app store. In it, there’s the data and obb folder. Android/data is completely empty with no single folder or file in it, but there’s one folder in the Android/obb which is the obb folder of the game issued. It also seems empty.

        If accessed from BlueStacks Media Manager, Android/data should have more folders complete with their own associated files in them. there were no difference in Android/obb

        1. HI Alam. There’s a workaround for copying large game data files to bluestacks 4. You can paste the files in the bluestacks shared folder on your windows PC and then access them on bluestacks. Please use the following guides:

          Another alternative –

          Please let me know if this helps.

          1. I still wasn’t able to simply move the file to Android/data/com.xxxxx.xxxxx, but I managed to copy every file Android/data/com.xxxxx.xxxxx into downloads folder, and rebuild the entire com.xxxxx.xxxxx directory there. I added the file I want to move to Android/data/com.xxxxx.xxxxx into the com.xxxxx.xxxxx I’ve just built in the downloads, and replace the original com.xxxxx.xxxxx in Android/data with it.

            It worked! Thank you for your replies and assistance! I couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

  4. THANK you…after many BS videos and what not, I finally found what I was after. Much appreciated.

  5. What do you do when you try to open up a file that you just imported to Blue stacks and it says, ‘No app is available to show this type of content’

    1. First check the format of the file you want to open and then find a compatible app. For example, if you are trying to open a pdf, you could download and install a pdf processing app like Adobe reader.

  6. hello i have a problem

    I can’t send a .dat file to a bluestack directory (sdcard / android / data)

    I tried to use ES explorer, but the folder does not appear in it, only in the bluestack manager. How can I move the file to this folder, as it does not appear in other explorer applications?

  7. how do I copy and paste files within bluestacks? basically I imported the files from my pc, but I want to copy them to a specific folder on Bluestacks.

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