How many times have you come across the term “metaverse”. I’m certainly sure this is not your first time.

It’s 2022; the internet is no longer what it used to be; it’s not just about scrolling web pages, and neither is it about sending emails and messages on Facebook. It’s much more – the internet is a new universe – it’s a metaverse!

You must be asking – “what is this meta-verse thing? What does it mean and what’s its purpose?”

I will answer in this article. So I encourage you to read to the end.

1.1 The meaning of “metaverse”?

The metaverse is made up of two words; meta which means beyond, and verse which is derived from the term “universe.”

When combined, these two words bring out the essence of the term “Metaverse” – a virtual space that extends beyond the universe.

Technically, it is a virtual world where you and I can live, travel, work, game, and even interact. It is a cyberspace where reality meets imagination. In the metaverse, you can step out of physical reality and enter into simulated virtual realities.

Sounds confusing, right? How is this even possible?” How can we live and work in a virtual world?”

There are more than a million questions about the metaverse, but we are going to deal with the burning ones in this article.

1.2 How does the metaverse influence our lives?

The metaverse is like a teleportation network that allows you to travel from one location to another without traversing the physical realm. When you enter the metaverse, you can be physically present at home while virtually present in another location.

The metaverse is a separate world, yet it’s connected to the world we live in certain ways. This connection is achieved through the internet and technological devices such as virtual reality headsets.

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Starting to sound cool right? The coolest thing is that the metaverse is an open space where everyone can enter and participate.

Using virtual reality devices and digital avatars, you can visit and feel the ambience of New York, attend a meeting in South Africa, or interact with your relative from another continent – and all of this virtually…no plane tickets, uber or walks.

In the metaverse, you are not just in this physical world, but rather in a much bigger world that extends into many simulated digital universes.

1.3 Is the metaverse new?

Is the metaverse new to our internet lives? I’ll say a big NO!! It has always existed since the invention of the internet. The metaverse is only evolving. The old metaverse allows us to watch movies in 3d, play videogames in 3d even attend live calls and meetings virtually using laptops and smartphones.

The new metaverse allows us to immerse ourselves deeper in the virtual world. So it’s bringing a newer experience.

Examples of how the Metaverse works

  1. Joining your fellow gamers in a game universe like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone.
  2. Working in a virtual office where employees can interact and communicate.
  3. Hugging your friend from another continent in a virtual room.
  4. The exceptional experience of engaging in the metaverse is much more immersive compared to traditional video calls which only uses visual and hearing modalities.

Do you want to plug yourself into the universe? I bet many are still curious and suspicious. It seems that the more you know about the metaverse, more questions pop up in your head.

1.4 FAQs about the Metaverse

Is the metaverse safe? Will i be charged, if so how much? What are the prons and cons?

Just a few questions to answer in my next article. So stay alert, comment and and provide feedback Let’s have a great disucssion.

1.5 Pros and cons of the metaverse

By any chances;Are you aware of its Advantages and Disadvantages?Do you think the metaverse will be good or bad? Comment your answers to be featured in the next article – “pros and cons of the metaverse”

Meanwhile let’s prepare for the its Ultimate arrival very soon …adios Tech Lovers.

Author: Mwangi MilesKenyan Film Maker turned Tech Blogger.For years now my life has revolved around Technology.This sparked an interest hence the Editor Victor Wachanga granted me this slot to Inform you about Modern Smart Gadgets and the Advanced Internet plus their Direct impact on our Lives. Additionally,I'm a Great Learner hoping to learn from You(Beloved Audience) through Chats,Feedbacks and Comments.

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