Strangely, I thought of China when everyone started talking about Chat-GPT.

I was like,

why do they have to keep spoiling everything for everyone?’

They come here with their SGR money, perfect eyes and straight hair. Their quick math. And even their engineering.

But I later discovered that Chat-GPT was made in the USA.

This is neither here nor there though.

But in case China is listening, we’ve got no beef. We greet you, fellow earthlings,

Nǐhǎo, my brothers and sistas… Sum ting wong? No.. wai yu so serious tho?”

Big fan of Jet-Li and Jackie Chan, by the way.

But seriously.

Five minutes before writing this article, I had been doing the dishes.

Suddenly there’s this bleep sound on my phone. I check the notifications. And someone famous just posted! They are talking about Artificial Intelligence and how everyone can easily generate content using You just type a keyword phrase, then the app just generates content in about 20 secs?  

Honestly, it frustrates me. Because how do you compete with a bot? It has no social life, no heartbreaks to deal with and definitely wouldn’t mind working with a toxic boss.

It just generates good content – that’s it.

Optimized, spell-checked and accurate. They claim that it increases conversions and that customers will be literally blowing cash in the owner’s face.

Of course, you think that it is easy could tell apart an AI-generated article from a human-written copy. Right? That it’s lacklustre, like cabbage on plain bread?

You’d be surprised!

I just watched Ryan Rodney Reynolds (that guy from Antman) use Artificial Intelligence to write an ad script, get this, in seconds!  The AI wrote a copy that was funny, and accurate and even added a cuss word that would easily roll out of his tongue. It was so creepily accurate.

To make matters worse, AIs are continually learning. In a couple of years, these bots might render some career paths useless.

On the other hand, you would think that people would feel safer talking to human customer care than to chatbots. Yes, some customer care people are mostly loud, rude and disrespectful. But what fun is life without a little drama sometimes?

But Is it truly possible that clients prefer bots to people?

Chances are, they do!

Bots are probably more efficient, kind, more competent, cheaper, more interesting and will probably outlive us all. They are now AI lawyers, teachers, creators, graphic designers and academic writers.

Artificial Intelligence is painting as well. I had a friend who could purchase digitized paintings online for like $1.50 then print on canvas and sell them for a mighty fee (about $150). Guys are also producing beats using AI. Good music that makes you dance like David (of the Bible).

And speaking of Bibles and faith. You better check if your boyfriend has been stolen by that Jezebel called Samantha. Apparently, it is what men want. Girls who don’t ask for money or take forever to get ready. They don’t ask for Valentines or get moody when it’s that time of the month (payday to be specific).

We can only hope that these AI machines do not match up to the human element. I pray that they err so much that the users will prefer the human touch once again. I hope the hype goes lower than the quail-egg fiasco.

But in case more people embrace it, I hope that they will only enhance what people can do and not entirely replace people. Like in that Avatar movie. That was a relatively fair use of Artificial Intelligence. Actors were not replaced. They still had their lines, and their facial expressions and had to engage their full-blown creativity and imagination.

AI might be good for start-ups. It is relatively cost-effective and easy to use. But might make conventional methods even more valuable. We might appreciate more the unplugged acoustics, the natural acapella, the hand paintings and the hand-written stories.

Author: Hannah Kagecheis a creative writer and content creator. In her writings, she explores matters of the heart, tech, environment & wildlife, career development and lifestyle. She is the founder of Jadili with Hannah, an online platform that promotes authentic living through honest conversations with self, people and with God. Through her writings, she has contributed to various sites such as Potentash, Nyika Silika, and the Laptop analyst. She has also authored and self-published one book. "Wealth & Riches; Godly Wealth Management for the Millennial". Favourite Tech Quote: "I won't be impressed with technology until it can download food. - Despicable Minions.

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