After its launch in 2019, Youtube Shorts had accumulated more than 5 trillion views by January 2022. This hinted at its success. Today, the platform is going viral, but scheming content creators have noticed that, and they are taking advantage.

Let’s not forget that just like Titktok, Shorts relies on algorithms to suggest short-form videos to its audiences. These algorithms feed viewers content based on the kind of videos they are watching. So, if you have been watching prank videos repeatedly, you’ll most likely come across more prank videos as you scroll down.

Unfortunately, not all videos recommended to you represent authentic content. Lately, shady Youtubers, who are only bent on accumulating views, have been using cunning tactics to gain views. One of those tactics is using scripted stories to replicate famous content. This is very common in Youtube Pranks. When a Youtuber notices that a certain category of pranks is attracting views, they will write a script and create a video in that category to trick you into viewing their video. Obviously, this is not only common in Youtube Shorts but also TikTok and other content platforms.

The problem is, a viewer with a critical and analytical eye will always notice that the content is scripted and fake. I have recently noticed that many Gold-digger pranks are obviously fake and scripted. MxR Plays has also noticed, and more and more people are drawing attention to the recent shenanigans regarding fake content.

The main motivation for creating fake content on platforms like YouTube shorts is to build up subscribers and create a Youtube Brand name for oneself. It’s quite understandable from a financial point of view. The larger the subscriber base, the bigger the fame, and the more the ad revenues. However, nothing turns a subscriber’s psyche off than knowing they have been duped.

It’s the high time that Youtubers get back to the original days of genuine content. Once you create fake content, your days on the Youtube Platform are numbered. Unless you are smart enough to outsmart your audience, your downfall will be sudden!

Author: Victor WachangaWriter, 3D artist, and thinker. Tech is fascinating. Tech is scary

5 thoughts on “Youtube Shorts – Misused tool, Fake content, and all the Shenanigans”

  1. This is very true.Its very saddening that some new creators are joining the league of copying famous ones in pursuit of their success.

    In the long run destroy the real essence of an authentic short video platform

      1. It sure is.
        People often watch videos for the temporary mental stimulation.
        They do not notice the staged.

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