What is the Metaverse? The easy definition

The Metaverse: Where reality meets imagination

How many times have you come across the term “metaverse”. I’m certainly sure this is not your first time.

It’s 2022; the internet is no longer what it used to be; it’s not just about scrolling web pages, and neither is it about sending emails and messages on Facebook. It’s much more – the internet is a new universe – it’s a metaverse!

You must be asking – “what is this meta-verse thing? What does it mean and what’s its purpose?”

I will answer in this article. So I encourage you to read to the end.

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What happens when you get blocked on Hangouts?

Google hangouts blocked

It doesn’t matter why the other person blocked you. When you get blocked on hangouts, it is certain that you will no longer communicate with them.

Google hangouts has been a favorite tool for communicating with workmates and friends. However, when they block you, what happens? That’s for Google to decide. Google owns and controls hangouts, meaning it dictates what happens when another person does not want to converse with you anymore. Google tells you what happened!

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